Social Media Gains

Affiliate System

Bei Social Media Gains Geld verdienen!
15% revenue adjustment

Earned by recruited customers:

  • 1 Customer 12,30 € mtl. (147 € / year)
  • 5 Customers 61,49 € mtl. (737.88 € / year)
  • 20 Customers 245,94 € mtl. (2,950.80 € / year)
  • 100 Customers 1.229,70 € mtl. (14,756.40 € / year)

We offer an unbeatable opportunity to build a passive income with us .
How is that possible?

Quite simply, you get a  15% monthly recurring commission  for each paying member who  has become aware of our homepage through you .

Month after month as long as this person is our customer. Without any effort for you.


If someone clicks on your individual link, a cookie is put on our homepage.

If a deal is completed within 180 days, that person’s sales will automatically be assigned to you as an affiliate and you will automatically receive the monthly commission in your dashboard.

So you get your individual link to our homepage in just 2 minutes.

1 > Register HERE  and then log in to your dashboard.
(Important: also log in after registering!)

2 > Now just add your above chosen username instead of AFFILIATE into the following link.
Example for the selected user ” Mustermann”:

3 > You already have your own tracking link to our homepage and you can build your passive income.

Additional benefits:

You do not need your own website or programming skills!

– The payment of your affiliate commission is made automatically via the payment provider Digistore24!

– The registration for our affiliate program is of course free and takes no more than 2 minutes!

– You see your recruited customers and the payout in a concise dashboard!

– The payment is made up to four times a month on your bank account (from 50 €) or your Paypal account (from 500 €)!

– Note that a valid tax code is required for payment!